About Dogs By Andy K-9 Services

Andy, a professional dog trainer for over 30 years, is recognized as a qualified instructor by the AKC. Andy is also a qualified expert witness in K-9 Law for court cases involving Narcotics, Explosives and all other K-9 related cases.

All instructors employed by Dogs by Andy K-9 Services have been personally trained by Andy and practice Andy’s proven successful methods and dedication to dog obedience.


In New York, Andy was the Training Director for the Long Island K-9 Search and Rescue Group. With his trained dogs, he has searched federal prisons, schools and provided dog security for public gatherings. Currently he is the Director of K-9 Training Services for the Catawba County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Department.

What to Expect

Using the services of Dogs by Andy, you will know that your dog is being trained by professional, experienced, full-time dog trainers. You will delight in your increased pleasure with your dog, whose response to your commands makes your family canine companion more manageable whether at home or in public.

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