Cold Laser Therapy

We are excited to announce that Dogs By Andy will now be offering Cold Laser Therapy to our clients! Treatment with cold laser is therapeutic for older dogs, working dogs, post-surgery, growing puppies and injured dogs.

Cold Laser Therapy uses light energy emitted at low levels – or “cold.” When delivered at specific frequencies, this light energy travels through the skin and into the body, causing a physiological change at cellular level. By affecting the cells mitochondria (their respiration and energy core), the light promotes healing, tissue regeneration, and reduced inflammation. Cold Laser Therapy is non-invasive and delivered through a handheld device that is moved on the skin’s surface in the affected area. This instrument can aid in a wide range of medical conditions including but not limited to: Hip Arthritis and Dysplasia, Ear Infection / Chronic otitis, Elbow Osteoarthritis, ACL Tear, CCL Tear, Knee pain, Fistulas, Back Pain, IVDD, spinal Problems, Neck Pain, TMJ, and Disc Herniations.

Lasers are nothing more than a beam of light that travels at a certain frequency that allows the laser to generate heat and penetrate tissue. Dogs find Cold Laser Therapy relaxing and tend to enjoy the treatment!

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • To decrease chronic pain

  • Cutaneous wound healing

  • Treatment for minor injuries and sprains

  • Reduce inflammation and swelling.

After Cold Laser Therapy owners might see their dog play with a toy he or she has not played with in months or go up and down stairs more often. Dogs may even be able to jump back up on the couch and bed with ease! When dogs have better mobility, medications can often be reduced. Laser therapy improves the quality of a dog’s life as well as the life of its owner, because if your dog is happy, you are happy!

Prices start at:

$50.00 for a single session
$200.00 for a package of five

We can even provide treatment while your dog stays with us for boarding!

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