Consider this: A well-trained dog always responds to a command – not only some of the time, but every time. Why is this important? At Dogs By Andy, our dog training school is designed to give you the best results while ensuring that you and your dog better understand one another.

Address & Correct Negative Behaviors at Our Dog Training School

  • A dog cannot SIT and jump on someone at the same time.
  • A dog cannot SIT and STAY and run out the door at the same time.
  • A dog that obeys HEEL will not pull you down the street.
  • A dog that responds to DOWN and STAY can enjoy being in the room without interrupting your activities.
  • A dog that COMES WHEN CALLED does not have to be chased.

At dog training school, we can address all of the behaviors that may be worrisome or negatively affecting your interactions with your pet in Mooresville, North Carolina.

So, what if you become frustrated with your dog’s behavior? Sometimes you just want to lash out. Hitting, yelling and abuse towards your dog produces the following results:

  • It destroys love and trust in dogs and people.
  • Your dog cannot learn if he or she is afraid of your hands, feet, and voice.

Verbal and physical abuse can never be a part of the relationship between you and your dog. At Dogs By Andy, we teach you and your dog six basic commands at our dog training school. These will help to ease your frustration and help your dog better understand you. These commands are:

Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Place

The “Place” command teaches your dog to go to and stay at a pre-determined “place” within your house. This command is very useful when entertaining or when delivery people are at your door. Additionally, environmental issues such as barking, unwanted jumping, and climbing on furniture are addressed.

If you have questions about our dog training school, our training methods, or would like to learn more about our training guarantee, contact us at Dogs By Andy today for more information. We look forward to working with you and your dog.