Are Dog Kennels the Same as Dog Hotels?Dog kennels are a bit like an all-inclusive vacation for you pet. If you’re thinking of leaving your pet at a boarding facility while you’re away, you’ll notice a quick search online will reveal many options for dog kennels and dog hotels, which may lead you to ask — are dog kennels the same as dog hotels?

Most of the time, the difference between a dog kennel and a dog hotel is marketing. Most of what you’ll find when you search online is varying degrees of dog kennels with fancy names.

But, there does exist a difference for discerning clientele. A dog hotel can be distinctly upscale; they may offer “pawdicures” and “pooch treadmills” for your pet, and these fancy options have a fancy price tag to match. Pet hotels generally offer accommodations for your pet in a private room with bed, very similar to what you’d expect in a “human” hotel. One renowned dog hotel in Manhattan charges $200 a night for a queen sized-bed and full-screen TV that plays dog-themed movies to keep your pup entertained. Talk about a pooch palace!

Our dog kennels at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services are less fancy than those Manhattan dog hotels, but proud to provide the same level of superior dog care without breaking the bank. The same one-on-one time with staff, daily playtime and walks, treats and tummy rubs are offered for a ridiculous bargain in our dog kennels. If your outcome is to have peace of mind and keep your pup happy and relaxed, you can trust our experienced dog kennel to get the job done.