Puppy TrainingPuppies are so cute! Who can deny their sweet little faces and the way they love to explore new things? As a new dog owner, it can be lots of fun to see your puppy grow up as part of your family – but it can also be incredibly frustrating when they don’t behave like you think they should!

Did you know that some of the flaws that you see in your pet could come directly from poor puppy training experiences? Here are a few common pitfalls you should avoid when it comes to successful puppy training:

1.  Inconsistency – One of the most common pitfalls of puppy training is inconsistency on the part of the human. One minute you say yes, the next minute you say no, and the dog thinks – “Okay, I can just do what I want!” If you need to set a boundary (like don’t chew on the couch), stick to your rule at all times until the dog learns that it is something they shouldn’t do. Likewise, if you want to encourage good behavior (like greeting people nicely at the door), having consistent positive reinforcement will ensure they learn good manners.

2.  Punishments – Another common pitfall during puppy training is punishing your puppy in such a way that incites fear. While it may be necessary to kennel your puppy as part of the training process, you should want these experiences to produce positive outcomes. Having tools for teaching your dog firmly, but with care, about your expectations will give you better results.

3.  Who’s the Boss? – It’s pretty easy to look at a cute puppy face and let them run amok in your house – until you realize the pattern is set. If your dog thinks they are the pack leader, they will make sure you know about it! Setting a firm rule that it’s your house and you are in charge will help keep your dog’s manners in check throughout their lifetime.

At Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we can help you address puppy training pitfalls and encourage positive reinforcement while you train your dog into the companion you have hoped for. Contact us today to sign up for our next puppy training classes!