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Keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable with an appropriate dog kennel.

The importance of comfortable dog kennels

Crate-training is something that many of the experts are recommending for dog owners. Whether your pet is young or old, having them comfortably crate trained is a good way to keep them safe, comfortable, and calm. The theory behind crate training stems back to when the canine ancestors would travel in packs and sleep in caves or dens. A safe and secure place for your pet to spend time can help you and them be happier in your relationship. One of the most important features of this method of training your dog is a comfortable dog kennel, and here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we offer some of the best dog kennels you can find in the Concord, North Carolina area.

The type of dog kennel you get largely depends on preference– both yours and your dog’s. The differences are largely materials and levels of visibility, since some dogs prefer being able to see the world around them and others like a chance to get away to a private space. Your typical kennel crate is the dog kennel that will provide privacy. Made of sturdy plastic materials and metal grid doors, these crates can also include features like handles and rolling wheels. These types of dog kennels are great for transportation.

The other widely known type of dog kennel is made of grid aluminum on all sides, has a door, sometimes a handle, and usually an insertable floor. These types of dog kennels work for dogs that want their own space, but also want to feel part of the group.

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Puppy Kennels

Puppy Kennels

Your puppy is born with natural instincts that include being part of a pack that would stay in a den. They feel safe in a covered environment that gives them visibility and security.

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