Boarding Policy

Reservations and Check-In

Please call any time during business hours to make a reservation. You may bring your dog in any time the day you are scheduled to Check-In. To guarantee your reservation, we require a one night’s deposit to hold the reservation. This deposit will be applied to your invoice at Check-Out. Please see our Cancellation Policy below. Reservations during Holiday Periods require a $75 nonrefundable deposit. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services front desk is closed to the public on Sunday and on the following Holidays and will not Check-In or Check-Out Pets on these days:
  • Sundays
  • New Years Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day


Check Out time is 11:00 a.m. for all pets on the day of scheduled departure. Pets checking out after 11:00 a.m. will incur an additional charge equal to one nights boarding. We are happy to release pets to authorized people other than the owners if the owner cannot meet the scheduled 11:00 a.m. Check Out Time. Full Payment is due at time of Check-Out. Pets not picked up before closing will incur same nightly room charge for each unscheduled night’s stay.


Non-holiday deposits are refundable if the reservation is cancelled 48 hours prior to scheduled Check-In time. Refundable deposit will be refunded to a credit card. The $75 deposit for Holiday Periods are nonrefundable and will not be kept on record for future stays.


All Pets must meet our Vaccination Requirements.

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Collars and Personal Items

All pets are fitted with a disposable collar during their stay for easy identification and safety purposes. We do not keep leashes or collars. We are not responsible for items left at Check In or Check Out. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services provides all pets with fleece beds and a toy. We cannot accept any stuffed toys, stuffed bedding, tennis balls, rope toys, or flat Nyla Bones. A flat bed or blanket is acceptable. You may leave one durable chew toy. Please label all belongings with your pet’s first and last name. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services cannot guarantee that personal items will be returned, so please do not bring items that are not replaceable.


To reduce digestive upset we encourage owners to bring their dog’s normal food. Please bring only enough pre-measured food to cover your dog’s entire stay. Please label the food container with your dog’s name and feeding amount. Please do not bring bowls, scoops or cups. If you prefer, or if you forget your dog’s food, Dogs By Andy K-9 Services will provide a high-quality, age-specific food for your dog at no charge. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services feeds twice a day. A $4.00 surcharge will be added for any dog who requires more than two feedings per day. For dogs that need to be fed separately, Dogs By Andy K-9 Services suggests purchasing separate rooms as we cannot guarantee your dogs will be separated at feeding.


Dogs By Andy K-9 Services Staff is happy to administer any veterinarian-prescribed medications your dog requires, with the exception of injections. Please make sure to tell our staff when making a reservation that your dog will need medication. As required by the USDA, medications must be brought in their original container from the vet or pharmacy and be clearly labeled with your dog’s name, veterinarian contact info, and dosage. There is no charge for administering medication with the exception of medicated baths. Nonessential vitamins or supplements will incur a $4.00 surcharge unless these supplements are included in individual baggies along with the dog’s food. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services cannot guarantee that the dog will ingest them, however. Dogs By Andy K-9 Services reserves the right to refuse any pet that is not up to date on vaccinations or shows signs of illness or injury. Any pet that shows evidence of fleas or ticks will be given a medicated bath at the owner’s expense.

Spayed and Neutered Dog Policy

Unlike other kennels we do not require your pet to be spayed or neutered to board with us. However, we CANNOT have dogs in heat in our facility at any time. Dogs in heat are a disruption to the entire kennel, so please understand if your pet comes into heat while staying with us you will be asked to pick them up immediately. In the event you cannot pick up immediately, your pet will be isolated off premise and incur a boarding charge of $100.00 per night.

Veterinary Care Policy

If any pet needs emergency medical attention, Dogs By Andy K-9 Services reserves the right to transport the animal to a veterinarian of our choice and/or administer medicine and/or give other advisable attention within Dogs By Andy K-9 Services’ reasonable and sole discretion and judgment at the owner’s expense.

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