Buyer Beware

Like any service, there are all levels of talent, experience and results that consumers are looking for. Dog training and behavior modification are not skills to be taught overnight, they are learned through experience and the sharing of knowledge across all plains. Over the past decade many have seen an opening in this business for quick money while producing lackluster results. This is done in multiple ways… whether it be the franchise method where one would attend a class for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, buy their own franchise and suddenly they’re now a dog trainer, or whether it be others who are people that consider themselves “Dog Lovers” and have successfully trained some personal dogs and perhaps a friend’s, but have no professional experience. Lastly there are those who have gone through an accredited program and now own their own business. This can be a good trainer/program provided the services are guaranteed. Be very wary of anyone willing to train your dog privately for three lessons and then allow you to attend “unlimited” group lessons (note these are done on specific days and times, not taking into account the lifestyles of each client).

One must also be wary of demonstration dogs designed for the “wow” factor. By this we mean dog’s that perform wonderful tricks designed to show the trainers skill with one particular dog while skirting the main point of what YOUR dog will do when the training is complete.

We also must warn you against kennels who have hired a “trainer” in order so that they can compete with other trainers who board.  We are trainers who run a top-notch kennel.

If a kennel or a trainer asks you to bring your own collar, crate, and food, that should indicate how your dog is about to live while they’re staying at that location… in a crate.

We suggest anyone interested in professional dog training do their homework, call multiple trainers, check with the Better Business Bureau, call the NC Department of Agriculture to make sure the kennel meets required standards, ask questions pertinent to your situation and meet those who will affect the relationship between you and your best friend for the rest of your lives.

Additionally, be wary of “trainers” that train trainers. Ads like this run frequently in newspapers:

Head Trainer
Off Leash K9 Training – [city redacted]
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is [redacted], I am part owner of the globally recognized dog training business, [redacted].
I am looking at adding a location in [city] area!
This is an amazing opportunity at NO cost to you!
Have a passion for working with dogs? Great with people? Like to Hustle?
The applicant would have to spend 17 days at our facility in [redacted]!
You are essentially getting a FREE turn-key business (a $35,000 franchising fee), training, etc.

Would you trust someone with just 17 days of “free” training or someone with over 30 years of experience training dogs, not “selling” franchises?


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