it is generally better to have separate dog kennels for each pet

When you are stuffing a suitcase for your vacation or business trip, as long as you can latch it, even if you have to sit on it to do so, you have a large enough suitcase for your needs. The same is not true when it comes to selecting dog kennels. You can’t stuff a dog into a kennel that is too small for them and expect them to be happy, safe, or content. If a dog spends too much time in dog kennels that are too small for them, they can develop back and neck problems and suffer from the ill effects of lying in their own waste. You should allow extra space if you plan to put more than one dog into the kennel, although it is generally better to have separate dog kennels for each pet.

To determine the size that is suitable for your dog, measure the length and height of your dog. For length, go from the nose to end of tail. For height, go from the top of naturally erect ears to the ground. The width is pretty standard, and if you’ve chosen a kennel that accommodates their height and length, it is typically suitable. The dog kennel you select should never be smaller than these measurements, and more space is better!

As a rule of thumb, dog kennels that are 24” long and between 19” and 21” high are suitable for small dog breeds and puppies between 1 and 25 pounds. This would include chihuahuas, pugs, Pomeranians, Yorkshire terriers, miniature poodles, Boston terriers, and miniature dachshunds, among others. Dogs between 26 and 40 pounds, such as cocker spaniels, French bulldogs, miniature schnauzers, and Welsh terriers, would require dog kennels that are at least 30” long and 21” to 24” high. Dogs between 41 and 70 pounds, such as Welsh corgis, English setters, basset hounds, and Chinese shar-peis need dog kennels that are 3’ long and 25” to 27” high. Dogs between 71 and 90 pounds, such as border collies, chow-chows, dalmatians, golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, standard poodles, and Australian shepherds, require dog kennels that are 42” long and 30” to 31” high. For dogs over 90 pounds, such as Great Pyrenees, greyhounds, giant schnauzers, great danes, bloodhounds, saint bernards, and Alaskan malamutes should have a kennel that is at least 46” long and 33” high.

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