Lex_ForSale-Dog KennelsThere are lots of dog kennels on the market today, and knowing what to choose for your pet can sometimes lead to confusion. If you have a puppy, you may be thinking that you need a smaller crate, but as your puppy grows, you’ll need something bigger. Or, what if you have an adult dog that you travel with regularly – do you need a different type of kennel for the road?

Here is a quick guide for choosing dog kennels that will work best for you and your pet:

1.  Material – One of the first things you’ll notice about dog kennels is the material they are made of. From strong metal crates to soft, plush carriers, there are lots of options when it comes to dog kennels. As you choose the one that is right for you, it’s important to consider its intended use and whether your pup will outgrow the kennel over time. So, for example, you may want a metal training kennel for your puppy that can be resized as they grow, but that also can’t be destroyed during a chewing phase. Soft dog kennels may be ideal if you plan to travel and need something light and comfortable to carry.

2.  Sizing – As you consider dog kennels, the sizing of the kennel you choose will be important. Your dog should be able to stand comfortably, sit comfortably, and lie down comfortably any time they are inside. Knowing the size your growing puppy will be as and adult will help you choose a kennel accordingly.

3.  Purpose – While dog kennels are often considered an essential part of puppy training, they can actually be very useful for the entirety of your dog’s life. Serving as their den, your dog may feel completely comfortable in their kennel when they feel scared, stressed, or simply need a nap. You may wish to choose your kennel type based on where your dog will sleep, whether you need to be able to quickly set up and break down the kennel, and if you need the option to travel with your pet.

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