If you’ve decided to get a new puppy, you may be enjoying their playful nature. However, if you have dreams about having a well-trained dog, the work starts with you – the puppy parent. How do you achieve a well-mannered dog that obeys your commands and provides the perfect K-9 companion for your family? There are a few things you should take to heart when it comes to puppy training:

Guide for Successful Puppy Training

  • Routines – Just like children, puppies thrive on a schedule. They need naps and playtime just like humans do, and setting up a routine for them in the beginning gives you the power to show them what’s expected.
  • Rules – Knowing which rules should be in place will help you set boundaries for your puppy. Puppy training is much more than just “sit” and “stay” – it’s also “out of the kitchen” and “off the bed.” Your puppy will learn to respect your rules if you stick to your plan and stay consistent.
  • Puppy TrainingLove – Puppies and adult dogs both respond well to positive reinforcement. Keeping those treats handy will encourage them to continue positive behaviors and help you reinforce the routines and rules that are important to you. That means you and your dog will be able to express love in a positive way.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with puppy training, let our team at Dogs By Andy assist you in getting started. Sometimes having a professional trainer can help you learn more about dog communication and how you can achieve the best bond with your pet during puppy training. Call today to learn more about our classes and other services.