puppy boarding really is the best choice

When you first got your new puppy, you didn’t have any plans to leave town and thought by the time you did take a vacation, your puppy would be grown and would be able to handle boarding. Plans don’t always go the way we think, and you suddenly find yourself needing to be away for a few days. You now have to decide what to do with your puppy. Instead of asking a friend or neighbor to puppy-sit for you, here are a few reasons to choose puppy boarding at our facility:

  • Puppies need more potty breaks than a pet sitter can accommodate.
  • Puppies need more social time than adult dogs.
  • Puppies can be more destructive when you are away from home.
  • Puppies are more prone to separation issues.
  • Puppies need lots of attention to be happy and stimulated.
  • Using a puppy boarding facility means you won’t have to let someone have access to your home.
  • Your puppy will get care no matter what, whereas a sitter might not be able to get to your home if there is a weather issue or another concern.

Unless you have a family member or close friend who can stay with your puppy 24/7 and has training to know what to do in an emergency, puppy boarding really is the best choice.

If you are looking for a facility that is equipped to handle puppy boarding and that will provide the attention your puppy needs, look no further than Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. Our facility is climate-controlled for your puppy’s comfort and is a safe and secure place where your puppy will have access to indoor and outdoor play areas. Contact us today with any questions you may have.