Is Your Dog Well-Suited for Personal Protection Training?
Have you found that you are always worried about leaving your home unprotected while you are away? Do you wish you had better protection for your children or your valuables? If you have considered getting a dog for personal protection, but aren’t really sure where to begin, there are several important things to know as your begin your research.

  • Protection at Home & Away – Having a dog that also offers personal protection is a great way to boost your confidence when you must leave your home, car, valuables and/or children. You may also feel more confident outdoors if you like to exercise or live in an urban area where you would feel safer having a canine companion.
  • Specialized Training Required – Dogs used for personal protection enjoy a number of benefits during this specialized training. They will gain confidence in their abilities, learn to use their natural instincts, see improved health and fitness, and have an increased bond with you as their owner.
  • Not Every Dog is Suited – Ensuring your dog is the right breed for personal protection is the first step. Not every dog breed is well suited, and sometimes a dog’s personality does not lend itself well to personal protection training. For example, if your dog lacks self confidence, is high anxiety, is afraid of noises, or good at play, it may make a great family pet but not the best dog for personal protection.

Personal Protection

Personal protection training for your dog offers many benefits, but you should also be well informed about the process before getting started. If you have questions about training your dog for personal protection, please contact us at Dogs By Andy for more information. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you feel confident that your dog has the training it needs and you will also see a better bond with your dog. We also offer a number of other training services to meet your needs. Call today to get started!