start small with off-leash training

There are many commands that any dog can and should master by the time they are a year old. Commands like sit, stay, lay, heel, come, and how to walk on a leash are some of the most basic ones. Most dogs, no matter the breed, can master these simple commands. However, there are many owners who know that these commands alone haven’t tapped the hidden potential within their canine companion. For those of us who like to have our dogs with us at all times, training your dog to walk off-leash can be a welcome change of pace and a great way to bond further with your dog. If you are wondering if your dog is ready for off-leash training, let’s examine a little further!

First, is your dog well-trained in other basic commands? Many dogs take to training very easily while others are more stubborn; it just depends on the breed and their own unique personality! Before a dog is ready to start off-leash training, however, they need to have the basic commands down. Like the old adage goes, you can’t run before you crawl!

Second, does your dog follow commands and hand signals consistently? While your dog might come to you every time you call at home, do they do the same at the dog park? Training your dog to obey in different environments can help better prepare them for off-leash training.

Finally, start small with off-leash training. Starting with a leash and moving to a long lead line for simulating off-leash training is great practice.

If you feel like your dog has mastered the basics and is ready to go off-leash, give us a call here at Dogs by Andy K-9 Services!