Puppy Kennels: What Not To Do

Many dog owners want to kennel train their pup. Puppy kennels, if used properly, have numerous benefits for dogs and dog owners. Some of these benefits include teaching your dog how to settle down and when it is time to sleep, preventing possible destruction of your home, and assisting your dog with potty training to name a few. It is of utmost importance to use puppy kennels the right way; if you don’t, it can be extremely harmful to your dog. Check out the article below for what not to do when using puppy kennels.

  • Do not use puppy kennels for punishment. Your dog’s kennel should be a safe space for them to relax and unwind. If you use puppy kennels for punishment, your dog will associate the space with fear and negativity. Make your dog’s kennel a happy place with treats, favorite toys, and more.
  • Do not leave your puppy in the kennel for too long.  Puppy kennels should not be used all day and all night. This will make your dog associate their crate with abandonment. Puppy kennels should be used for sleeping and relaxation.
  • Do not get a kennel that is too big.  Many pet owners think they are doing their dog a favor by buying a puppy kennel that is nice and big. This, however, is not the case. Dogs naturally like a space that feels like a cozy den. This helps them to feel safe and secure. Make sure you are buying the correctly-sized puppy kennel for your dog.