Puppy BoardingIf you are planning to be away, and it looks like puppy boarding is the only way to go, you may have some anxiety about leaving your pet in a strange place. Should you try to find a dog sitter instead, or should you just take a chance by leaving your pet at a boarding facility?

While it’s most definitely important to vet out a boarding facility before you leave your dog there, you may also find that puppy boarding has some excellent positive outcomes that you will like as a dog owner.

1. Safe Place Away from Home – Firstly, puppy boarding is a safe place away from home where your canine companion will be in good hands. Not only will a boarding facility have access to veterinary care in the event of an injury or illness, but they will also likely have trained staff to care for your dog around the clock.

2. Dog Socialization – Another great benefit of puppy boarding is the opportunity for them to socialize. As pack animals, dogs learn a lot from one another, and puppy boarding is a great place for them to learn.

3. Training Opportunities – Another reason you may like puppy boarding is that some facilities offer training classes while you are away. That means your puppy can learn the basics, like how to sit and stay, and show off their new skills when you pick them up to come home!

At Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we believe that puppy boarding can be an excellent opportunity for your dog to grow into a great pet and also give you peace of mind that your dog is in good hands. Contact us today if you would like more information about our boarding services and training classes. We look forward to working with you and your pet!