Dog TrainerIf you are considering a dog trainer for your puppy or your adult dog, you may find that there are lots of people offering different classes and training opportunities. So, how do you know which dog trainer to choose and whether you’ll get the most from your classes? Here are three quick tips for choosing a dog trainer:

1.  Certifications – If someone says they can train your dog, but they’ve never received dog training certifications, then there is a good chance you won’t get the results you want or need. Ask a dog trainer whether they’ve received certifications and whether they attend ongoing education classes.

2.  Experience – Working with a dog trainer who has experience working with many different types of dogs in many different scenarios will be to you and your dog’s benefit. If a dog trainer has never worked under another trainer or doesn’t have the experience to qualify them to work with your dog, you may want to look elsewhere.

3.  Demeanor – Ultimately, your dog has to like your chosen dog trainer, and so do you! If someone who is a dog trainer makes your dog uncomfortable or leaves you feeling unsure about the training they are receiving, it will be important to move on to a different training opportunity.

Dog training is an important part of teaching your dog your expectations, keeping them safe, and building the bond you have with your pet. Choosing the right dog trainer can make all the difference in your relationship with your dog over time.

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