Dog Boarding in Charlotte, NCIf you are going out of town and want somewhere trustworthy to take care of your pet, there are many dog boarding options to choose from. Dog boarding provides great care for your pet when you need to be away. If you are looking for a place to take care of your pet during your business trip or family vacation, here are some things to check for when picking dog boarding services:

1. Call or visit the kennel. Getting in touch with the kennel personally is a great way to find out the availability and status of the kennel. You can also determine whether the kennel can accommodate any needs your dog has, like medications or a specific feeding schedule.

2.  Observe how clean the area is. Cleanliness is very important to consider when you are leaving your pet in the care of others. You may not be able to see the kennels where other animals are being housed, but many can still show you the layout and setup of the kennels and how clean they are kept.

Top 3 Things That Will Make Your Experience with Dog Boarding Better

3. Ensure the areas are secure. If your pet has a habit or ability to get out of enclosures, this will be important to discuss with the owners or managers of the kennel. They can make sure your dog will stay safe while you are away.

When you are sure your dog will be kept in a clean and safe environment, you will feel more comfortable leaving your pet when you need to be gone for business or vacation. If you have any other questions about dog boarding, give us a call at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services.