Dog Training Classes, Charlotte, NC

There is no better resource for dog training classes in the Charlotte area than our team at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services.

Dog Training Classes in Charlotte, North CarolinaHaving a pet dog provides companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love. In order to take advantage of these positive qualities, it’s important to make sure your dog is well-trained to avoid mishaps and frustration. Some dog owners find it challenging to control their dogs’ behaviors, especially those actions that are less-than-appealing, such as chewing, scratching, jumping up on people, begging, whining, and barking. With the right dog training classes, your dog can learn better behaviors and receive positive reinforcement to keep him or her from acting out in the future.

There is no better resource for dog training classes in the Charlotte, North Carolina area than our team at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. Our owner and founder, Andy, provides personal training in his successful methods to all trainers on staff. He has over 30 years of experience as a certified and professional dog trainer. Andy has served in a variety of roles that focus on dog training in search and rescue operations, law, explosives, narcotics, and other K-9 related cases. With this great background working extensively in dog training, you can trust our methods and the staff using them. We will make sure your dog is well taken care of during their dog training classes, so they learn good behaviors and actions they will use every day.

When you bring your dog to one of our dog training classes, you can feel completely confident that your dog is receiving training from professional, experienced, full-time dog trainers. We take our work very seriously and stand behind all training sessions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog regresses in his or her behavior, we will provide additional training sessions at no cost to you. With a variety of dog training classes to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect course for your pup. We know each dog is different and has different needs, and we are ready and able to provide the training and reinforcement that will benefit your dog the most. With the reliable methods used in our dog training classes and caring staff and dog trainers, your pup will be well trained in the best environment possible.

In addition to the training methods we use in our classes, we have the proper facilities and training areas that will help your dog learn those good behaviors you need them to have. Our training areas were specially designed by Andy, so you can trust these areas are safe and designed to encourage the training process. These areas and the rest of our buildings are also very safe with a quality security system, video monitoring, and the essential safety features for fires and other emergencies. When you bring your dog to us for dog training classes, you can relax knowing your dog will be safe and secure in our training areas.

If you want your pup to receive the best training experience, come see us at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. You won’t find a better resource for dog training classes in the Charlotte area. Contact us today for more information!

At Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we provide dog training classes for residents of Mooresville, Salisbury, Cornelius, Concord, Davidson, Gastonia, HuntersvilleGreensboro, and the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including Myers Park, Weddington, Ballantyne, and SouthPark.