Puppy Training, Concord, NC

Our puppy training in the Concord area is the best way to lay a solid foundation for an ideal relationship and a lifetime of happiness for you and your pet.

Puppy Training in Concord, North CarolinaIt is said that the success of any project is to lay a great foundation. That is also true when desiring an ideal relationship and experience with a family dog. Starting things out right with puppy training is the best way to get the results you desire. Here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we offer puppy training that is head and shoulders above anything else you’ll find in the Concord, North Carolina area. Our esteemed Master Trainer, Andy Hanellin, is well-known for his highly effective training methods. With Andy’s 30+ years of experience with dogs trained for even the most important functions in society, you can be assured that your family dog is in the most capable hands possible.

Andy’s trained dogs provide many vital services, including searching federal prisons, protecting schools, and providing dog security for public functions. Andy serves as the Director of K-9 Training for the Catawba County Sheriff’s Department. He and the rest of the staff take that same level of dedication to puppy training for families that want to enjoy increased pleasure with their dog and make them manageable in home or in public.

Proper puppy training is also key to making your dog happy. Dogs instinctively want to please their masters, but without consistent training, they may grow confused and frustrated as to what is expected of them. When you and your puppy learn important commands, they are happier and you can more easily keep them safe from harm.

If you have any questions about our puppy training techniques, classes, or other services, give us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss the best way to lay a solid foundation for your puppy that will result in a lifetime of happiness for you and your dog.

At Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we provide puppy training for residents of ConcordMooresville, Salisbury, Cornelius, Davidson, Gastonia, HuntersvilleGreensboro, and the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including Myers Park, Weddington, Ballantyne, and SouthPark.