Executive Protection, Cornelius, NC

Get the protection and companionship you crave with our executive protection training.

Executive protection can be a crucial layer of security to your business or family

Dogs have been our protectors and companions for thousands of years now. We have used them to aid us with their sense of smell in hunting exercises, on farms and ranches to help with the work, as trusted companions, and as a source of protection for us. The bond between a dog and the owner they are protecting is a special one, and can’t be attained by just any dog trainer. Here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we have years of experience with training hundreds of dogs in all sorts of ways, including executive protection.

Executive protection can be a crucial layer of security to your business or family. While alarms or security measures might deter some, they don’t work in every instance. However, dogs that have been in executive protection never run out of batteries, won’t fail you in a storm, and can be a strong deterrent to most any dangerous person.

While we often train dogs in executive protection for high-risk jobs such as police officers or soldiers, there’s no reason why you can’t employ an executive protection trained dog for your business or even your family. We use our expertly developed methods to ensure that your dog can go “full-beast mode” when you need them to, but will also be a safe companion at all other times.

Whether you’re looking for an expertly trained companion or need the protection as part of your job in Cornelius, North Carolina, we can help you with the training of executive protection. Come check us out if you have questions.