Leash Training, Davidson, NC

Our leash training will help make your time outdoors with your dog more enjoyable.

Leash Training in Davidson, North Carolina

Giving your dog adequate exercise is important for their wellbeing. Enjoying a walk together or simply being out in public can be a positive experience for you and your dog. However, many pet owners become very frustrated when walking their dog, especially if the dog is strong enough to overpower the owner or if the dog frequently becomes out of control in public environments. For dog owners in Davidson, North Carolina, you can come to us at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services for leash training.

Our leash training course is a 6-week training that provides you and your dog with valuable skills to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. It is also a key starting point to teaching your dog other important behaviors. Through our leash training course, your dog can learn:

  • Safety – The most necessary part of leash training is to keep your dog safe. Your dog will learn to stay with you and not dash out into traffic.
  • Communication – We will help you learn how to convey important signals to your dog through the leash, giving you greater control of the experience.
  • Expectations – Helping your dog know what is expected of them in a given environment offers them the opportunity to have positive interactions with you and other people and animals with whom you come into contact.
  • Trust – Once your dog has learned proper leash behavior, you can begin to give them more opportunities to learn how to behave when off leash. New training will likely come easier to your dog. If you do need more support, we also offer a 10-week off-leash training course.

When you want to provide your dog with the best learning environment to gain important behavior habits, call us at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services.