Dog Training Services, Greensboro, NC

Truly enjoy your dog with our dog training services in Greensboro.

Dog Training Services in Greensboro, North Carolina

Having a dog that is disobedient can be embarrassing, frustrating, and downright dangerous. If you have a dog in need of dog training services in the area around Greensboro, North Carolina, the good news is that help is just a phone call away. Here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we have a staff of professional, experienced, full-time dog trainers standing by to help solve your canine challenges.

Our goal is to provide dog training services that will allow you to fully enjoy your canine companion. We are so sure you will love the results of our dog training services that we guarantee the results for the life of your dog. If you ever experience regression in your dog’s training, we will provide remedial training at no cost to you.

We offer a variety of dog training services, including:

  • Intense 3-week in-kennel training for fast results.
  • Training for puppies to reduce bad habits and unwanted behaviors early.
  • Training for adult dogs in obedience to 6 basic commands (sit, stay, down, come, heel and place)
  • On-leash and off-leash training for dogs of various ages. Generally, we would start with on-leash training and achieve mastery before moving into off-leash training.
  • Search and detection training, which could apply to hunting or law enforcement assistance.
  • Protection and personal protection training for dogs suited to this type of work. If you contact us, we will evaluate your dog’s breed and temperament to determine if this type of training is right for you.

When you come to Dogs By Andy K-9 Services for your dog training services, you will know that your trainer has been personally trained by our owner, Andy Hanellin. Andy was the training director for the Long Island K-9 Search and Rescue unit and now serves the Catawba County Sheriff’s Department as the director of their K-9 Training Services. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help you experience the difference a trained dog can make. So, call us today.