In-Kennel Training, Greensboro, NC

For fast, effective dog training results that can last a lifetime in Greensboro, try our in-kennel training.

In-Kennel Training in Greensboro, North Carolina

There are many reasons why our customers decide to use our in-kennel training services. It may be that you are unable to come to a regular, weekly session because of your work schedule or other obligations. You may have heard of our training program but live too far away from Greensboro, North Carolina to come weekly. Your dog may by exhibiting dangerous or serious misbehaviors that you want corrected as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, our in-kennel training program here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services could be right for you and your canine companion.

During our in-kennel training, we can work on any of our training programs that your dog needs.

  • We can help your puppy become the dog of your dreams, encouraging positive behaviors and consistent response to basic commands like sit, stay, down, come, heel and place.
  • We can work with adult dogs on specific behaviors and situations that need improvement. Basic commands are the core of what we do, but we can discuss your lifestyle and needs, as well.
  • We can train certain dogs (depending on breed and temperament) to be protection and personal protection dogs, keeping your property and family secure.
  • We provide on-leash and off-leash training for dogs of various ages.
  • We train search and detection dogs for use in aiding law enforcement and other situations in which they are required.

It can be hard to be away from your dog for an extended period, but you will know that our in-kennel training will have a dramatic impact on your enjoyment of your dog for years to come. Our training is 100% guaranteed and extends for the life of your dog. If your dog ever regresses, we will provide remedial training for free. Give us a call today to discuss in-kennel training for your dog.