Off-Leash Training, Greensboro, NC

Imagine the freedom of walking with your dog anywhere in Greensboro without a leash, thanks to our effective off-leash training course.

Off-Leash Training in Greensboro, North CarolinaHave you ever thought about how nice it would be to go anywhere with your dog and have them follow you at your side without concern about them running off or being held tightly by a leash? That behavior is one that can be instilled with off-leash training. It takes a bit longer to accomplish than on-leash training, which is why our off-leash training course at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services lasts ten weeks instead of the six weeks of the on-leash course.

We guarantee that after ten private 45-minute to 1-hour off-leash training sessions with you and your dog, you will be able to walk just about anywhere with your dog at your side. In fact, that training is guaranteed for the life of your dog, so if he or she regresses, we’ll provide remedial training at no additional cost.

Imagine the many places you could enjoy having your dog with you without dealing with a leash. Off-leash training can make jogs with your dog more pleasant for one thing, and it is a natural progression to train your dog to protect you, as well. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your dog won’t dart into traffic or chase after a cat, putting them in danger.

We can train any dog, so even if you think you have the most stubborn dog in the world, give our off-leash training a try, and we’ll convince you that our proven techniques are effective. Our training facility in Greensboro, North Carolina will make a believer out of you!