Dog Behaviorist, Mooresville, NC

Our professional dog behaviorists offer solutions to dog owners who need more support training their pet.

Dog Behaviorist in Mooresville, North Carolina

Has your dog taken on habits that are causing you frustration? Do you find yourself at a loss for teaching them to follow your commands? A dog behaviorist can provide you and your dog with the tools you need to achieve your training goals. With many different training services available, at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we are certain that we can offer you solutions to the troubles your dog’s behavior may be causing.

Hiring the right trainer is a key element in giving your dog the best learning experience to overcome problem behaviors. Many facilities may claim to provide quick and easy solutions, but usually these methods do not produce the desired outcome. We use proven techniques that give you control of your dog and facilitate a better owner/pet relationship. As a master trainer with over 30 years of experience, our founder Andy Hanellin has trained dogs, both in New York and locally, to provide narcotic and bomb sniffing services, among many other valuable skills. Andy knows exactly what is needed to help dogs behave as expected and he teaches each of his dog trainers these important methods.

We also have created an ideal learning environment where your dog can feel safe and comfortable. With separate learning and play areas, we can better facilitate your dog’s training to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee this satisfaction for your dog’s entire life, offering free remedial training if your dog’s training should regress.

If you’re in the Mooresville, North Carolina area and need help training your dog, come to a dog behaviorist here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. We look forward to working with you and your dog and helping you improve your owner/pet relationship.