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K9 Training in Mooresville, North Carolina




Dog is man’s best friend, but every friendship needs certain boundaries. When given the right training experiences, your dog can become a great friend and trusted companion both at home and out in public. Here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we are a valuable resource for dog owners in the Mooresville, North Carolina Area. Our professional K9 training services are an empowering experience for you and your dog to improve your dog’s quality of life and your relationship.




K9 training is about function, control, and prevention. Each of these aspects help you communicate with your dog and will help keep them, yourself and others, and your home safe. We offer many K9 training services such as:




  • Obedience Training – Your dog needs to know basic commands to communicate with you and to protect the wellbeing of the people and other animals your dog may be around.
  • On/Off Leash Training – Help your dog learn how to respond to your commands and behave properly outside of your home.
  • In-Kennel Training – For dogs that exhibit unwanted behaviors that you can’t seem to break, or for an intensive training method for a new puppy, we offer a three week, in-kennel training course to help you achieve your goals.




We use proven methods to provide your dog with the best K9 training available. Each of our trainers has been trained by owner and master trainer, Andy Hanellin, who has a wealth of experience and certifications in the K9 training industry.




We want to provide you and your pet with the skills and tools needed to have a positive owner/pet relationship. Give us a call today to learn more about our K9 training and other dog services.


On-Leash Training

Six weeks of private 45 minute to 1 hour weekly lessons with one of our trainers, you, and your dog.

On/Off-Leash Training

Ten weeks of private 45 minute-1 hour weekly lessons with a trainer, you, and your dog. No equipment included.

In-Kennel Training

Our popular “Board and Train” program. Three-weeks of in-kennel training for your dog. No equipment included.

Protection Training

Customizable training for protection of you and your family.

Search & Detection Training

Narcotics, explosive, contraband or bed bug detection training.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Dogs from Paladin K-9, our sister company.

Prices subject to change without notice.