Start your newest family member off on the right paw with puppy obedience training. 

Puppy Obedience Training in Mooresville, North Carolina

 Bringing home a new puppy is so much fun– and also a shocking amount of work! New puppies are so much fun to play with and snuggle, but many new puppy owners don’t realize the sheer amount of work that goes into those first few months of puppy obedience training. The chewing, potty accidents, nipping and whimpering can be incredibly frustrating to new pet parents, especially if this is your first puppy. Here at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we have trained numerous puppies over the years and are confident that our puppy obedience training will be one of the best things you can do for your newest furry family member.

Puppy obedience training can start right away, and it is helpful to start taking steps in training from the time they are brought home. At Dogs By Andy K-9 Services, we can help your puppy start to learn to use the potty appropriately, give them mental stimulation to stave off boredom and the accompanied need to chew on things, and also help them learn social skills with other dogs. In addition to simple commands, we can help your puppy with crate training, which can help with sleeping, traveling, and quicker potty training.

Because your puppy obedience training will take place with experienced, professional and full-time trainers, you can feel confident that our puppy obedience training will be a great step for your puppy. Our training environment is clean, state-of-the-art and designed around what will be the best learning environment for puppies. Contact us today to learn more about training options for your Mooresville, North Carolina puppy! 


 At Dogs By Andy, we provide puppy obedience training for residents of Mooresville, Gastonia, and the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including Myers Park, Weddington, Ballantyne, and SouthPark.


On-Leash Training

Six weeks of private 45 minute to 1 hour weekly lessons with one of our trainers, you, and your dog.

On/Off-Leash Training

Ten weeks of private 45 minute-1 hour weekly lessons with a trainer, you, and your dog. No equipment included.

In-Kennel Training

Our popular “Board and Train” program. Three-weeks of in-kennel training for your dog. No equipment included.

Protection Training

Customizable training for protection of you and your family.

Search & Detection Training

Narcotics, explosive, contraband or bed bug detection training.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Dogs from Paladin K-9, our sister company.

Prices subject to change without notice.