your dog’s training continues long after dog training classes have finished

If you have considered dog training classes with your dog , one of the questions you might have is what happens once you have completed the course. The answer is that training is an ongoing activity. Just as learning doesn’t stop when someone finishes high school or college, your dog’s training continues long after dog training classes have finished. Graduating from these lessons means your dog has the basics down and you have the tools and knowledge needed to keep your dog on track so he doesn’t regress.

There are also different dog training classes that you can consider that go beyond the basics. For example, once your dog does well with on-leash training, you may want to move into off-leash training. You might also want to go further by taking him through training for personal protection. If you are in law enforcement, search & detection dog training classes would be the next potential step. You might also consider an intensive kennel training course if your trainer recommends this avenue.

Another thing to remember is that even with consistent work with your dog, they can sometimes regress and need to return for more dog training classes. Since this is a potential possibility, it is wise to choose a dog trainer that offers this training at no additional charge, like we do at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. Our training guarantee means you will be 100% satisfied with your dog’s behavior, and we’ll conduct remedial training in our kennel at no cost to you if your dog regresses. Our dog training classes include lifetime membership with discounts on boarding and inclusion in annual events. Contact us today to learn more about our dog training classes, boarding, and other services.