When It’s Unclear Who’s Walking Who, Consider Dog Training

Daily walks are critical for the health of your dog. Giving your dog the chance to run at an off-leash park is even better! Experts suggest at least one walk daily for most breeds, and up to three times daily for larger, more energetic breeds.

But, if your dog is overactive and disobedient, it can be challenging for you to walk your dog, and it may seem impossible to even think about unleashing your dog in a park. If it’s unclear who’s walking you, here are three ways dog training with Dogs By Andy K-9 Services can help:

  • Establish Authority — Dog Training isn’t limited to puppy care, although it’s best – and easiest – to start early. Dog training at any age can help establish your authority and curb unwanted behaviors. With the help of a professional, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade: the proper commands, and how to distinguish and deter problem behavior.
  • Socialize Your Dog — Most dog training is offered in groups, providing your pup with a great way to socialize with other dogs under the watchful eye of a professional who can help spot and correct problem behaviors your dog may exhibit socially. This is especially important for older rescue dogs or shelter dogs who may have a hard time interacting with other dogs.

Your Daily Walks Will Reinforce Your Training- Your daily dog walks are an excellent bonding opportunity with you pet, and a great time to practice the training techniques on a regular basis. Using positive reinforcement, like treats and verbal cues, you can train your dog to walk around your neighborhood with showmanship. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your dog’s behavior after our training or at any time down the road, we offer remedial training in our kennel at no extra cost.