There are a lot of ways to add a new dog to your home these days. Your neighbor has puppies, you go to a rescue center, or you chose a breeder with your favorite kind of dog. But what about those times when you see a “dog for sale” sign, and you aren’t really sure what you are going to be in for? Here’s a quick set of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to taking a dog home.

When Should You Avoid the “Dog for Sale” Sign?

DO – Research

Finding a reputable shelter or breeder who is known for their kindness of the dogs in their care is a great way to get started. You should always ask them about their licenses and certifications to make sure you’ve gone to the right place.

Dog for Sale

DON’TShop Online

If you see a Craigslist add that says “Dog for Sale,” you should stop in your tracks, especially if they are offering the dog for free. A dog can easily end up in the wrong hands online, AND even if the owner has good intentions, it’s possible that the dog may not be healthy. If you aren’t sure where the dog is coming from or its condition, it is better not to take the bait.

DO – Take Your Time

When you are bringing a dog home, you want to make sure the pup has the right temperament and demeanor for your family. If you are a laid back couple and your dog is wild, you may resent the fact that you can’t get some peace. If you have an active family and your dog prefers to be under the bed, you may be wishing you’d chosen a different companion.

DON’T – Forget to Plan Ahead

When you see a dog for sale that is going to be the perfect addition to your home, make sure you are adequately prepared to bring a little bundle of fur back to your family. Dogs need attention and care, and setting yourself up for success will give you confidence you are on the right track to having a great pet.

If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of a “dog for sale” sign, or if you are interested in classes and trained dogs for sale, contact us at Dogs By Andy.