safe and secure dog boarding facility

One of the challenges involved with having pets is something very few people think about before they get their first pet – what to do when you are traveling. Some families feel that they have to forego vacations or take separate ones so that a pet is not left at home alone. Others decide to take their dog with them, but often find that traveling with a dog is harder than they expected it to be.

For road trip vacations and business trips, dog boarding could be better than taking your dog with you if you want to avoid dealing with car sickness, finding accommodations that allow dogs, and needing to get your meals as takeout, since restaurants won’t allow your dog unless it is a service animal. Even stopping for fuel or stopping to use the restroom can prove challenging.

Flying with a dog has its challenges, as well. Airline travel can be very stressful for a dog, so you should have your vet check out your dog and discuss if a sedative or anti-anxiety medication is recommended. Dog boarding is a better option for a dog that won’t do well being alone during a long flight, as they’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention at a quality dog boarding facility.

If you are looking for a safe and secure dog boarding facility as a better option for your dog than trying to take them along with you, contact us at Dogs By Andy K-9 Services. Our facility has 24-hour video monitoring, a full sprinkler & fire suppression system, and a state-of-the-art security system for the safety of your dog. With our year-round climate-controlled buildings and daily attention and TLC from our staff, as well as access to indoor/outdoor play areas, daily treats and a chew toy, and up to two meals a day, your dog will feel like they’ve gotten the vacation they deserve too!